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Vendor compliance leaders in today's business environment are in a great position to help the extended supply chain reduce lost sales, reduce costs, and improve performance.Got vendor compliance

Compliance Networks offers secure, private-cloud solutions for dealing with common vendor compliance issues, such as non-existent or manual VC systems, inadequate development or IT support, inadequate visibility to inbound shipping and compliance activity, manual or inadequate VC reporting, inadequate vendor guidelines, paper-based audits, no mobile audits, no vendor portal.

13 Keys To Vendor Compliance Program Success - Supply Chain Digest Report
The results of research into how leading retailers develop and implement successful vendor compliance programs.

5 Critical Supply Chain Steps to Ensure Merchandise Plan Execution - Web Article Series - Supply Chain Digest

1. Identifying and Eliminating Supply Chain Performance Issues ​
2. Complete and On-Time: The Key to Mitigating Retail Margin Risk and Ensuring Brand Protection 
3. Monitor and Reduce the Purchase Order Lifecycle for Financial Performance 
4. Monitor Transportation Performance to Ensure On-Time Profits (and Deliveries) 

5. "Over-Communicate" With Your Vendor Trading Partners

Big Vendor Compliance Challenges: Resource Constraints      Omni-Channel        Visibility            Reporting          Supply Chain Costs

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"Installation was unbelievably easy even though it was completely customized to Elder-Beerman's requirements."

Jim Rawlins
SVP of Logistics
Bon Ton Stores Corporation

"Compliance Networks completed a smooth implementation in about 90 days.  rCMS doesn't miss a thing - but vendors recognize and seem to appreciate the accurate feedback."

Bob Yates
Director of Vendor Compliance
Elder-Beerman Stores Corp

“Poor judgment and uninformed assumptions result in market miscues, setbacks, mediocre performance, politicized cultures, demoralized workers, and workforce reductions.”

Stephen Covey
7 Habits of Highly Effective People