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Small Retailer Scores Compliance Networks a 10
Sun & Ski Improves Supply Chain Performance with Vendor Compliance Solution from Compliance Networks.

Best-In-Class Vendor Compliance - Burlington Stores
A best‐in‐class Vendor Compliance program enabled Burlington Stores to gain control of their supply chains by providing accountability for vendors and other stakeholders, visibility into internal and external supply chain activities, and predictability into future supply chain performance.

Reducing Inventory Investment through Managing the Purchase Order Lifecycle - Case Study
The following is an actual case study based on an apparel and hard goods retailer. This retailer operates nearly 500 stores in almost 50 states and Puerto Rico as well as an e-commerce site. The retailer chose not to disclose their name due to corporate policy but wanted to share the results of its project.

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Aggressive store growth and a manual compliance program using an Access database was no longer effective. in 2004 Kohl's approached Compliance Networks (CN) to automate the identification of ASN problems and to standardize detection of vendor compliance failures. In 2010 Compliance Networks automated Kohl's industry-acclaimed vendor scorecard.
Burlington Stores had a routing guide but no formal program to track, report, and create chargebacks for vendor compliance violations. Chargebacks were written manually when a problem was determined to be "really bad." Almost 40% of orders had some type of a problem that slowed down the flow of the order through the distribution center. Within 60 days of implementation of the Compliance Networks Retail Compliance Management Solution (rCMS) in 2001, the problem shipments dropped by 60%.
The executive sponsor at Pep Boys, who managed the retailer's partnership with Compliance Networks beginning in 2003, understood the Retail Compliance Management Solution value proposition immediately. Pep Boys leveraged rCMS to aggregate inbound supply chain data from 5 distribution warehouse management systems into a single supply chain data warehouse. rCMS enables Pep Boys to leverage ongoing improvement of inbound supply chain performance, particularly fill-rate, carrier and vendor performance.
Having worked with Compliance Networks at another retailer, in 2009 the executive sponsor at Stein Mart contacted CN to implement rCMS including a glass pipeline solution for discrete visibility into their inbound supply chain. rCMS also enabled Stein Mart to migrate from direct-to-store to consolidators and distribution centers which has saved the company millions of dollars.
In 2009, Tractor Supply Company recognized vendor compliance as a way to streamline and view their inbound supply chain performance. CN helped design a vendor compliance audit program that was deployed to all Tractor Supply's distribution centers a few months after signing their contract with Compliance Networks.

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"Where does the supply chain executive start in their quest to influence margin performance? While opinions will vary where the best place to start is, most will agree the desired outcome is a more predictable and consistent supply chain."

Richard Wilhjelm
Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Compliance Networks

“Poor judgment and uninformed assumptions result in market miscues, setbacks, mediocre performance, politicized cultures, demoralized workers, and workforce reductions.”

Stephen Covey
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